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Hi there, I'm Rupa

Luxury photographer & passionate foodie. I want YOUR social media channels to stand out from the competition. Telling your story through amazing images, inspired by food, design & travel!

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'Your Creative Vision' was born to showcase your talents, products & services through amazing images. We believe that all great photos tell great stories. Whether our professional images or snaps on your phone, it’s always possible to elevate your brand through the power of your photographs. 

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As a nutritionist it’s really important that I take great photographs and I thought I did until I came to this workshop. 

I started off the day picking up new skills and thought wow if I go home with this this will be great, but the day carried on like that, every opportunity I was learning how to do everything just that bit better and more effectively.

I feel as though my smartphone photography has really developed today - I’m much more confident and I feel excited to go back and start taking photographs and work with them in a very different way then I have already been doing

May simpkin - Nutritionist

It was absolutely EPIC! 

I definitely didn’t have a clue what I was doing before - I would take at least 15 to 20 photographs of pretty much anything to get one good shot.

 Today Rupa  guided me in very detailed and fun way  how to take just 2 to 3 images to get one amazing one and this is my biggest takeaway.  Now I can take amazing photographs of my food that look really professional.

And I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough and I want to say thank you very very much to Rupa - YOU HAVE CHANGED MY BUSINESS.


I work with celebrity chefs cookbook authors and up and coming supper clubs.

Never could I have contemplated that there is SO MUCH that one can do with their iPhone. I have learnt an immense amount of techniques that can be used to make a photograph look a lot better and is great for using on my social media.

I would recommend this to all the chefs, bakers, cookbook authors and people have done supper clubs with me and anyone that wants to have professional photos and improve their skills. 

The course was very well versed and everything was explained in plain English and I really leveraged on how to use my iPhones to photograph food.