Module 1
A-Z of getting to know your iPhone and the Apple camera for photography.

We will go into all the basics so that you fully understand all the settings, buttons and options available. Foundations are key as we will then build from this.
- The difference between the iPhone camera and professional camera
- What you can and can’t do with your iPhone photography – limitations
- Understanding the different iPhone settings and making the setting work for you
- The physical side of using your iPhone to take photographs – how hold your iPhone when photographing, access it quickly, being able to remotely take a photograph etc.
- A step by step guild to using the Apple iPhone camera with lots of tips and tricks along the way. We will go through all buttons, the different modes, settings and options so you fully understand what is the best option when you are using the camera (making an informed decision rather they trying different things out and not getting the results you want).
- Understanding focus and exposure and taking control so you can set the focus and exposure when taking your photographs that way you get amazing photographs straight out of the camera and will need little or even no editing!

Module 2

Did you know the word photography was created from a Greek roots and means “Drawing with light”. Understanding lighting is key for food photography and being able to understand light, use is and manipulate is the key to creating professional looking food photographs.
- Why natural light is best for food photography and understanding good and bad light.
- My easy way to understand light anywhere any time.
- Learn 3 different light set ups using an easy to use clock system (side lighting, backlighting, side backlighting )and which one is best to use depending on the type of food you are photographing and the look / feel you want the photograph to have.
- How to manipulate natural light and make it work for you by using diffusers and reflectors to reduce or create shadow and drama in your food photographs.

Module 3

Composition is a game changer and we will go through a variety of different composition fundamentals that you can start using straight away to create stronger and more dynamic food photographs.
- What is composition and why is it important
- We will go through some of the basic food composition tips –
rule of thirds
using lines and leading lines
numbers game – odd verses even
negative / white space
background and foreground
framing for composition

Module 4
Camera angles

Camera angles will help to showcase your food to its best and we will go through all the different camera angles and what ones are best so you know which one is best suited depending on the food you are photographing and what you want the view to see / not see 
- Learn the different camera angles –
Overhead – learn to do this so you get a true overhead shot and can frame at the same time creating more dynamic and powerful images
65 -80 degree camera angle shots – what food is best shot using this and why
Low to eye level camera angle shots - what food is best shot using this and why
Move those feet to create a variety of images form the same set up no need to zoom in or out!

Module 5
Food styling

How to use simple techniques to style your food and learn to add props without distracting from your food which should be the main focus.
- What is food styling and is it important?
- Food styling basics
- My food styling kit checklist list
- Props and are they needed?
- How to use props in your food photography
- My prop checklist and where to get them

Module 6
Color basics

Learn to create ambiance and a emotive feel to your food photographs using colour to your advantage.
- What is a colour wheel and how to use it for food photography
- Understanding primary, secondary and tertiary colours
- Different combinations of colour – Analogue and complimentary and monochrome to use in food photography

Module 7
Tell food stories 

Telling emotive and powerful food stories so that your audience goes on a food journey when they see your photographs. This creates connection and more interaction.
- What is a food story
- How to create your food story
- The different stages of a food story explained clearly so you can create a variety of material you can use at different times.
- Building a library for yourself

Module 8 
Editing your photographs

Editing your photographs is like adding garnish to your finished dish it should be the finishing touch and if you have followed the other modules it can be done in under a minute.
- Is editing necessary and how much is too much!
- My go to editing app (its free) and we will go though all the basic editing tools and so you understand what is what and when you should use it. No more spending ages fiddling around and not being able to create the same results again and aging.
- Creating a style that works for your brand and use this every time you edit.
- How to edit you photograph in under 1 min video tutorial.

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